Framed & Semi-Frameless Showers

If your bathroom remodeling project is on a tighter budget, semi-frameless and framed showers and shower doors can be a great option to add beauty without breaking the bank. Semi-frameless and framed showers both offer great styling options but because thinner glass is used and they can cost a fraction of the price of a full frameless shower.

By working with some of the nation's leading shower manufacturers and suppliers such as CR Laurence, you're sure to find the color and style combinations that can help build the style of your dreams and easily match other bathroom decor.

Styling Your Shower

Styling options for your semi-frameless and framed showers allows you to truly make your shower unique to your home. Although we provide many "stock" units that have all the trim, aluminum framing, hardware and accessories included, these options are easily swapped out to give your shower a more custom look. As mentioned before, we work with some of the finest manufacturers of shower glass and hardware in the nation including CR Laurence, Sigco Inc., Coastal Industries and more which gives you next to limitless options including colors and finishes for your shower's accessories and framing.

For more information about your styling options give us a call or request more information here. We're happy to work with you over the phone, or we can send one of our shower pros to you for an in-home consultation from one of our satellite locations in Billerica, Boston, Dorchester, Peabody and Reading. In addition, feel free to visit any of our suppliers' websites for more information on the options they provide.

Shower Maintenance Tips

Keeping your new or existing shower clean and maintained will ensure the unit stays looking the same as it did when it was installed. On our shower maintenance page you'll find helpful tips on keeping your shower clean and clear. For more information, visit our "Shower Maintenance" page or ask about maintenance tips when you speak with our staff.