Residential Glass Repair Services

Following our commitment to being the best glass repair and installation company in New England, we've expanded our glass repair services to include a wide range of residential glass services including window repair and replacement, shower door service, commercial storefronts and more. With our satellite dispatch centers located in Billerica, Boston, and Peabody, we can have an expert sent to your home quickly to assess the damage and review your options for repairing or replacing broken glass in your home.

Call us today at (800) 662-8019 to speak with one of our residential glass experts and get the answers to your questions. In addition, you can also send us any residential glass questions here and request a free quote via email by clicking on "Free Quote Request."

Glass Showers, Shower Doors, & Shower Enclosures

Glass shower doors and shower enclosures have become extremely popular ways to add style and elegance to one of the most commonly used rooms in a home. At Ocean Glass, we're happy to repair damaged shower doors and enclosures as well as help design and install new showers in additions, new construction, or remodeling projects.

Home Window Repairs

Repairing windows in your home is a snap for Ocean Glass. We are able to repair and replace the glass in any type of window, no matter the manufacturer or age of the window. Repairing the windows in your home will help when windows have been broken completely or have become foggy after years of use. Don't replace the entire unit, let our experts replace the glass and save!

Mirrors, Tabletops & More

Custom mirrors and glass tabletops have also become quite popular over the years, but what happens when your mirror or tabletop breaks or is damaged? Rather than going out and replacing the unit, let our experts measure the glass and provide you with a quality replacement. No matter if your tabletop or mirror is in your home or office, and regardless of the size, we can provide a replacement that will match perfectly in both size and style.