Home Window Repairs

Repairing a damaged or broken window in your home is something that shouldn't be put off. Nowadays, many home windows are double-paned insulated units that help protect your home's climate from the outside air and when these windows become cracked or damaged, you could be wasting money on your heating & cooling costs.

At Ocean Glass, we can repair just about any type of home window from repairing or replacing the pane of glass to the frame and we even offer quality replacement windows should one be required. Our window repairs also come with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship which is something many other companies still don't offer.

Repairing Foggy Windows

Have the windows in your home become foggy or hazy with moisture appearing between the panes of glass? This is a common symptom seen in insulated glass units (I.G. Units) that can make even newer windows look worn. Fortunately, this problem can often be solved by replacing just the glass in the window rather than the entire unit itself. If the window frame is undamaged but the window still becomes foggy, chances are the seal between the two panes of glass in the IG Unit has failed or been damaged. When this happens, moisture can seep in which shows up as a foggy or hazy appearance. When you see these symptoms, give us a call to schedule a repair.

Our home window repair and installation team are experts at fixing foggy windows. When you call our headquarters, we can dispatch a mobile window repair expert to your home from one of our satellite locations in Billerica, Boston, Dorchester, Peabody or Reading to be on-site quickly and have your window measured and repaired in no time.

Replacement Windows

Does your home have old aluminum windows that need replacing? Vinyl replacement windows are the latest innovation in home window technology and when compared to draftier old aluminum windows can provide superior comfort and save you money on your energy bills. We've helped hundreds of homeowners throughout Massachusetts save tens of thousands of dollars in energy consumption by replacing old worn out windows with vinyl replacements and would love to do the same for you. Call us today at (800) 662-8019 and we'll set up a free consultation to go over your options and help you save. Do you need to replace just a couple of windows or just one that has been damaged? No problem! We can dispatch a home window replacement expert from one of our satellite locations to come to your home and install a new affordable window replacement in no time. Request a free quote today or email us your window replacement questions here.

Window Replacement Options

Color is not the only option you have when selecting replacement windows. At Ocean, we want to provide our customers with a wide variety of colors and styles to help you find the perfect windows for your home. That's why we work with Harvey Building Products, the maker of Harvey Windows and the leading manufacturer of insulated windows in the Northeast. Working with reputable manufacturers like Harvey allows us to confidently provide all types of home windows including:

When you call Ocean Glass for your window replacements, you can choose from any of the above window styles and still have additional style options including the types of frames, style of glass and more! If you're interested in window replacements, make Ocean your first call. You can contact us at our toll-free number (800) 662-8019 or contact one of our satellite locations directly in Billerica, Boston, Dorchester, Peabody and Reading. In addition you can send us a quote request or email us your window replacement questions here.