Headlight Restoration Services

Headlight Restoration

Have your headlights become foggy or have you noticed that they aren't as bright as they used to be? What if you could restore the clarity to your headlights without having to replace them? With headlight restoration from Ocean Glass Company, you can do just that.

Our headlight restorations are guaranteed to help you see better at night by allowing the beam of your lights to shine more clearly and illuminate more of the road in front of you. We can provide this service to you either in our shop or at your location throughout our service area, and all this starting at just $79.99.

The Restoration Process

There are a number of things that cause headlights to lose their intensity. Weather, insects, and road debris all contribute to reduced clarity of your headlights. Their effects can easily be seen with the naked eye when the headlights appear cloudy or foggy. Rather than having to replace the headlights, we use special solvents to remove oxidation and buildup, then reapplying a UV protector that will help keep your headlights shining brighter for longer.

Benefits Of Headlight Restoration

In addition to helping you see better in the rain and at night, headlight restoration comes with a number of added benefits.

  • 1. Enhance the appearance of your vehicle
  • 2. Increase the value of your vehicle
  • 3. Reduce cost when compared to the price of a replacement

Ocean Glass is your trusted replacement shop! You can be assured of receiving a top quality job on all of your auto glass replacement needs. We've built a reputation for quality and customer care since we started our auto glass repair company back in 1976 and are committed to your satisfaction and safety. If you're interested in more information about windshield and auto glass safety, please visit the AGRSS website or their affiliate www.safewindshields.org.