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Using the drawing on the right as a guide, indicate the approximate sizes for each dimension ( A, B, C, etc.) in inches. Measurements can be approximations for estimating purposes. Final dimensions are determined with on-site measurements of finished walls by our professional installers to assure a leak proof fit for your frameless shower enclosure.

Door & Panel Size Recommendations:
The standard frameless shower door is 26” wide. This allows for a manageable swing radius into the bathroom or shower stall. Minimum recommended width for frameless side panel(s) is 5” wide. Some openings may allow for a door up to 36” wide if there is enough room for a proper swing. If not, the best approach for a wide span would be to use a frameless side panel with a standard 26” frameless shower door. When determining the combination of shower door and panel sizes for an opening, keep in mind the swing radius appropriate for your bathroom and shower stall size.